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Davidson Barrel Vise


The Davidson Barrel Vise is made of 2024-T3511 aluminum, hardened steel studs and Grade 8 nuts and washers. This barrel vise is designed for benchrest, silhouette, match and other competition rifles. Although it is very durable, it is not designed for factory tightened barrels that have never been removed. A packet of anti-seize compound is included for use between the studs and nuts.

The Davidson Barrel Vise will accommodate barrels from .775″ diameter up to 1.25″ diameter and tapers up to .3″ per side per foot. It has two 3/8″ diameter mounting holes.

Vises shipped outside the United States will ship unassembled in order to reduce the shipping costs.


Davidson Barrel Vises shipped outside the U.S. will arrive unassembled as shown:

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