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Davidson Action Wrench


The Davidson Action Wrench is made of 12L14 mild steel and zinc plated. Designed to fit the Remington 700 action, it emulates the bolt lugs and has two grooves cut to allow for the bolt release and fits both righthand and lefthand actions. A 3/4″ hex is machined on the end for a wrench or socket. The hex end is also machined to help clear a stock with a high comb. Its overall length is 8.5″ and the portion that enters the action is 7″ long.

This wrench will fit other actions that have the same bolt lug dimensions as the Remington 700. See the pictures above and measure your bolt lugs. If yours are smaller then it won’t fit. We make our wrenches .984″ diameter x .435″ thick.

This wrench is not warrantied when a cheater bar is used.

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